Why do my images look blurry?

You are likely viewing on a retina display and will need to enable the retina option in your theme. Here's how:

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize. 
  2. Rania, Presidio, Miramar, Brevier, and Archer users: Navigate to the Welcome tab, check the box to enable retina, then publish. 
  3. Barton, Pearl and Hayes users: Navigate to the Images & Retina Support tab, and toggle the Enable Retina Support tab to the on position. Then, publish your changes, and re-enter the Customizer.
  4. Next, you will need to regenerate your thumbnails to resize them to the new retina sizing. 
  5. If your images are still blurry, or they look off, they are likely not large enough for retina. This commonly happens with older posts, perhaps from a very old theme in which you uploaded much smaller images. Moving forward, we recommend uploading images at the appropriate size for your specific blog theme. You can find recommend image sizing on the second to last page of your Theme Documentation PDF, or check here.

We also suggest editing images from posts that receive a lot of traffic, or which you plan on promoting frequently. The reality is, all bloggers have an issue with image resizing if they change themes (or even implement a custom design!) and have been uploading images that are too small for the new layout. Your best plan of attack is to focus on updating posts that matter, in terms of what receives a lot of traffic, is evergreen content, or you still plan on promoting to drive traffic to your site.

Still not sure what Retina display is? We've written lots more about Retina display here.