Blog Post Image Sizing Guide

Below are some general dimensions for how large to size your images in all our themes.


Home Page Featured Images

Featured images should be at least 780px by 965px, or 1560px by 1930px for Retina displays. If you upload featured images at this size, they should work within all feature image spaces, no matter the Post Feed type you use. However, if you are using a full-width blog post layout (see below), you may instead opt to upload all post and featured image content at 850px by 1055px, or 1700px by 2110px for Retina, to make it easier on yourself!

Single Post Pages, and Static Info Pages

For both full-width blog post layouts, and blog posts featuring a sidebar, the width of the container is 850px/1700px for Retina displays.


Featured Slider

The slider image width is 740px, but you do not need to create a custom image for this space. When enabled, the Featured Posts slider will auto-feed the featured image attached to the posts displayed here. We recommend uploading a featured image at least 1500px (for Retina displays) to any posts featured in the slider. The slider will then automatically crop the images to fit within each container.

Single Post Pages, and Static Info Pages

For both full-width blog post layouts, and blog posts featuring a sidebar, the width of the container is 750px/1500px for Retina displays.


General Rule

A standard size for all images across your blog posts and featured images is  1560px in width. For featured images, in addition to being 1560px in width, the image should be a minimum of 1280px in height (height can be variable for an image beyond this, but this is the min. height)At this size, images will have no problem fitting into featured image thumbnails, and will look good within blog posts, regardless of whether your posts feature the sidebar, or display in the “full-width” layout.

Landscape Featured Post Size

Note that the 1560px size above assumes you’ll always have two featured posts featured at the top of the Home Page ( like this). If you ever switch to only one featured post (like in this example, with the perfume post at the top), the featured image for that single featured post would need to be uploaded at 2080x1280px.


@1x: 720px wide | @2x: 1440px wide


Size blog post images at @1x: 850px wide  |  @2x: @1700px wide

Featured Images for blog posts in Home Page feed: @1x 600x640px  |  @2x: 1200x1280px

With both Featured Posts enabled

When you have both featured posts enabled,  the dimensions are 700 x 490 for Post #1, and 450 x 490 for Post #2. Double those values if you have Retina images enabled!

With only Post #1 enabled

If you are using only the large, landscape featured image (i.e., you have disabled Post #2) , try sizing your featured image for  Post #1 at at 1550 x 630px. This should be large enough to fit the space at the top of the Home Page, but also tall enough to look good within your Home Page blog feed. You can double this value for Retina displays if you wish, but be sure to save the image at lower JPG quality to reduce overall file size.


with sidebar: @1x: 700px wide  | @2x: 1400px wide
without sidebar: @1x: 900px wide | @2x: 1800px wide


@1x: 800px wide | @2x: 1600px wide