Can I use a product I purchased on more than one website?

Per our use policy and terms of use, you may not install your EmPress product .zip files on more than one website property. All product purchases come with a license key, which may be activated on one live site that you own. License keys are non-transferrable; in other words, you cannot share them with your friends or add them to more than one website. A valid license key is required for updates and support.

The exception to this policy is if you plan to discontinue using your EmPress product on one website, and instead want to use it on another entirely. For information on how to change which domain name connects to your EmPress product licenses, click here.


You were blogging at, but have changed your site's domain name to

Yes, in this instance, you can edit the domain name your product license key(s) are attached to using the instructions outlined here. You do not need to purchase a new version of the theme, nor would you need to re-install your EmPress .zip files, since updating your website's domain name shouldn't change the information/data stored on your host server.

You blog at, and are launching a separate website to run alongside it, named will continue using an EmPress theme, and you want to use the same EmPress theme at

In this instance, you must purchase a separate license and fresh theme .zip file for the second website you plan on launching.