I want to use my products on a different website/domain name.

All product purchases include an individual a license key, which may be activated on one live site that you own. License keys are non-transferrable—you cannot share them with your friends or add them to multiple websites at a time. However, for customers who update their site domain name, or wish to discontinue using a product on one site and instead use it on another, you can update the website attached to your license key.


(recommended for all products)

Log in at empressthemes.com/account with the email address you used to purchase your theme, then go to the License Key tab and click on Manage Sites next to your theme. 

1. Head to your  My Account area at empressthemes.com by going to empressthemes.com/account. You’ll be prompted to login.

2. Once you’re logged in, click on the  License Keys tab.

3. Look for the product whose license key you are trying to activate. In the example below, we’re updating a license for the Rania theme. Click Manage Sites.

4. In the screen that loads, you will see the current domain attached to your license. Click Deactivate Site on the right. On you deactivate, that will free up your license key to use on another site.

5. Now, fill in your new/updated URL in the open field to add your site to the license/product. Click Add Site to complete the process.


For Archer, Brevier, Miramar, Presidio and Rania theme users: 

Go to the licensing page in your WordPress admin area (under Appearance > Getting Started for themes; under Settings for plugins), then click the button to deactivate your license on the site where you no longer need to use the theme or plugin. You should now be able to re-add in your license key and re-register the new domain.