How can I tell if I need to update my theme or plugin?

All theme and plugin purchases include a single license key, registered to the customer who purchased the theme.  You must activate your license key in order to receive any theme and/or plugin updates. Once activated, these update notifications will appear directly in your WordPress dashboard, usually as an orange numeric notification under the Dashboard > Updates tab.

Once you have activated your license key, go to Dashboard > Updates, and click the Check Again button to check for new updates. Available theme and/or plugin updates will be added to the page.


If you are unsure that you are receiving the latest updates, you can compare your current product version to the latest version listed in our changelog.


Go to Appearance > Themes. Hover over the thumbnail for your theme, then click the Theme Details button. You will see your version number next to the theme name in the pop up window. 

Here is an example of what this may look like:


From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins, then look for the plugin name in the list. The version number is listed in the details. Here is an example:


If updates are not available and you have entered your license key, please troubleshoot with the following two steps:

1. First, ensure that you have activated your license key. Activation is a 2-step process — you must enter your license key, save the page, then activate your license key.

2. If you have activated your license key and cannot run updates, check to make sure your license key has not expired. License keys are valid for one year after purchase and will auto-renew unless you cancel. You must have a valid license key to receive updates. If your license key has expired and you wish to renew it to receive updates, follow the instructions here.