Shopping Widget Tab

  • This article is relevant for Presidio theme users only.

The Presidio Shopping Widget appears just below the Featured Post at the top of the blog Home Page. It providers theme users with a place to embed a rewardStyle Shop the Post or ShopStyle Collective Product Widget. An example of the Shopping Widget in action can be viewed in Presidio Demo 1, and in the below screenshot:

NOTE: If you wish to use the Shopping Widget space to feature another type of widget (Topics widget, etc.), please follow the instructions in this Help Desk article. Look for the section titled Customizing the Featured Interstitial.

To use the Shopping Widget with an affiliate widget as shown above, use the instructions below.


1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Shopping Widget.

2. Check off the button to Enable shopping widget in feature area on home page.

3. If you wish, you can opt to hide the widget on mobile devices. To do so, check Hide on mobile. If you want mobile users to see the widget, leave this option unchecked.


The remaining settings in the tab control what content appears in the Shopping Widget.

  • Add an optional title if you wish, to introduce users to the product content. In the screenshot at the top of this article, we used the title "Presidio Shopping Widget."
  • Some examples of good titles might be "Shop the latest," or "As seen on Instagram." Seasonal and specific titles will also work well, such as "Swimsuits under $100" or "Boots under $150."
Type of Code
  • Select whether you are embedding shortcode, or HTML.
  • Typically, most rewardStyle users would select shortcode, and ShopStyle users would select HTML
Shopping Widget Code

In the field provided, embed your unique affiliate shopping widget, as generated on either the rewardStyle or ShopStyle platform.

  • rewardStyle: From your dashboard, navigate to Apps > Shop the Post. Build a widget with your preferred products. Be sure to select WordPress as your platform.
  • ShopStyle: From your dashboard, click on Product Widget, and begin building your widget. ShopStyle features a public Help Desk article about building Product Widgets, found here.
  • Recommended widget sizing can be found here.

If you need further assistance with building a widget on either of these platforms, please contact your account representative for more assistance. Unfortunately, EmPress cannot offer support on building or optimizing widgets.

A Note on Presidio Shopping Widgets

Presidio was one of our earliest theme releases, and as such, some of the naming conventions changed throughout time, as we added to and improved upon themes. Some users may confuse the Presidio Shopping Widget with the Presidio: Shop widget.

  • The Presidio Shopping Widget refers specifically to the feature described above, which appears below the featured post on the Home Page, and is used only for embed of an affiliate shopping widget.
  • The Presidio: Shop widget is a custom EmPress widget available in most of our themes, which allows you to add a mini shop of products to any sidebar or interstitial content block. With the Presidio: Shop widget, you must upload your own thumbnail images. The widget also provides space to add captions and custom links. It is beneficial for users who either do not use an affiliate marketing platform, or want to feature products that cannot be fed into an affiliate widget. The Presidio: Shop widget may be added to the Featured Interstitial space in place of the Presidio Shopping Widget, using the instructions found this Help Desk article
  • View a list of all EmPress widgets here.