Interstitial(s) Tab

  • This article is relevant for Rania, Presidio, and Miramar theme users only.

The Rania, Presidio, and Miramar themes all feature varying numbers of interstitials, or content blocks, which appear within the blog feed.

To enable and add content to an Interstitial, you must:

  1. Set where you'd like the interstitials to display, i.e., after a specific number of blog posts.
  2. Set what content the interstitial should display. Do this by adding widgets to the interstitial widget areas, so that your featured content will display in them.
    1. One exception: in the Miramar theme, content may be added to the interstitial directly from the Interstitial tab.

Setting the interstitial display

To set where an interstitial should display (that is, after a specific number of posts in your feed):

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Interstitials.
  2. In the Display interstitials after post number field(s), insert a numeral. For example, if you type in "4," the interstitial would display after the fourth post in your feed.
    1. Presidio users: keep in mind, since your theme has two interstitials, the number for Interstitial #2 should be larger than Interstitial #1. For example, if you set Interstitial #1 to appear after post number 3, and Interstitial #2 to appear after post #5, two posts would appear between the two content blocks.
  3. You may also opt to hide interstitials on mobile, and/or hide your sidebars on mobile in the Display Options section. The Presidio and Miramar themes also include an option to hide interstitials when not on the Home Page.

Settings for the Miramar Interstitial tab

The Miramar Interstitial tab includes many of the settings mentioned above, along with a few more:

  • Enable/disable the interstitial on/off on the Home Page
  • Enable/disable the interstitial on archival (category) pages
  • Opt to display the interstitial before your blog post feed, after it, or within it (here, use the Display interstitial after post number setting as described above)
  • Set a title for your Interstitial
  • Add content for the interstitial — look for the Box #1, Box #2, and Box #3 settings.
    • For each box, add a title for the button, a link to where the box should link to, and an image for the box. We recommend sizing your images at 760x640px.
    • Here is a visual of where these boxes live, and what they correspond to:

Adding content to Interstitials

In the Rania and Presidio themes: to set what an interstitial should display, you will need to add widgets to each interstitial area.

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Widgets
  2. To begin, look for the Interstitial #1 widget tab, and click on it. You may now click the blue + Add a Widget button and add your preferred widget to this content block. Below is a short video showing you this step in action. You can also check out our full list of EmPress theme widgets to get more inspiration!

3. Repeat this step with Interstitial #2, if in use.