How large should I size my Shop the Post widget for my theme?

The vast majority of affiliate marketing platforms have built codes that are responsive to the containers in which they are embedded. This means that as long as the widget you build is as wide as the container you’re placing it in, it will automatically reduce in width if a user is looking at the widget on a smaller device (like a mobile phone).

With this in mind,  you should generally size your widgets to match the width of your post or page column. For example, if you are blogging on the Miramar theme, your posts are 850px in width, so you can size your shopping widgets at this size as well. If you paste a widget into the body of your post, it’ll automatically resize. The same is true if you post it in our Shop the Post plugin fields; the widget will automatically resize to fit the smaller container that is featured on the Home Page.

Here are size guides for each of our themes:

Posts and pages: minimum 750px

Posts and pages: minimum 780px

Posts and pages: minimum 720px

Posts and pages: minimum 850px

Posts and pages with sidebar: minimum 700px
Posts and pages with no sidebar: minimum 900px

Posts and pages: minimum 800px

For Miramar users: rewardStyle and ShopStyle users may wish to experiment with product size, or (for ShopStyle) adding additional columns to their widget to change the size of the products and how many items appear within the widget, especially when it is featured on the Home Page.