Featured Posts Tab

  • This article is relevant for Rania, Presidio, and Miramar theme users only. 

In Rania, Presidio and Miramar, the Featured Posts tab (or singular Featured Post in the case of Presidio) controls the post or posts that may be optionally featured at the top of the Blog Home Page.

Below are visual examples of the featured posts in each of these themes:


  1. Begin by navigating to Appearance > Customize > Featured Posts (or Featured Post for Presidio users)
  2. Look for the radio buttons marked Enable Featured Post. If you'd like to showcase featured posts, check these buttons off.
    1. For Rania and Miramar users, these will be labeled Enable Featured Post #1 and Enable Featured Post #2. For each of these themes, you may opt to only enable one featured post, instead of two.
    2. For Presidio users, this setting is labeled Enable featured post at the top of the home page.

For Rania and Miramar users, enabling a single featured post will result in the Featured Post area formatting like the below:


After enabling, each theme offers various settings to control what posts are fed into the Featured Post area. In your Customizer, the settings look like this:

Below is more information about each of these settings.

Show your latest post?
  • Rania and Presidio theme users: You may opt to turn on the setting to Always show the latest post(s). By enabling this setting, your featured posts will automatically feed in new posts as you publish them. This means that your latest posts will be featured at the very top of your Home Page.
  • Miramar theme users: Instead of providing a checkbox with this option, your theme will automatically default to feeding in the latest posts if you do not assign any settings in the featured category, featured tag, or featured post dropdowns, discussed below.

Set a featured post by category/tag, or select a specific post to feature

Some users may wish to control what post or posts are featured in the Featured Post area. This is especially useful to highlight older content, posts you're asked about a lot, or evergreen content that is seasonally useful for your readers. It's also a great feature to take advantage of if you haven't been posting to your blog, but want the Home Page to look fresh.

  • Rania theme users: Look for the Select Featured Posts section within the tab. Within this, there are dropdown controls to:
    • Select a specific post
    • Show the latest post from the selected category, or 
    • Show the latest post from the selected tag
  • Presidio theme users: Look for the Show the latest post from the selected category dropdown, or the dropdown to Select a specific post
  • Miramar theme users: Under Featured Post #1 and Featured Post #2 headings, look for dropdowns to:
    • Select featured category
    • Select featured tag
    • Select featured post
    • Remember, not assigning settings to any of these three dropdowns will mean your latest posts will feed into the Featured Post area, when enabled.

Assigning a category or tag to the Featured Post area requires that categories and/or tags have been established. Read this Help Desk article for more information about both, and this Help Desk article for information on how to create a category in WordPress.

Miramar Featured Post Mobile Settings

The Miramar theme allows users to hide one or both of the featured posts on mobile specifically. To do this, simply check the Hide on mobile setting for the posts you wish to hide on mobile devices.