Can I change fonts and colors with your themes?

Color and Font customization options have evolved within EmPress themes over time. This article will discuss which themes offer which features, as well as provide general details on incorporating custom fonts and colors.


The Hayes & Pearl themes both offer Google Font integration and color customization options directly in the Customizer. 


Our Rania theme includes color customization options built directly into the Customizer, but at present, does not include Google Font integration. However, it is packaged with our Font Customizer plugin, as a complimentary add-on that you may opt to install.

  • You can view a list of all fonts included in Font Customizer here.


As our legacy themes, these themes include free color and font customization plugins. These plugins include:

  • Font Customizer
  • One Color Pack
  • Two Color Pack

With these plugins, you may choose from a selection of pre-styled fonts and colors to apply to your site, all with a single click. While implementing color and font changes with these plugins is very quick and seamless, note that the selections are not as wide. For example, if you have a specific Google font in mind, it may not be available with our Font Customizer plugin.

  • You can view a list of all fonts included in Font Customizer here.
  • You can view a snapshot of color options and available hex codes in our Color Pack plugins here.

Implementation of custom colors and custom fonts

If you are experienced with writing CSS, you may implement your own colors and fonts into any aspect of any of our themes. We always recommend adding your CSS changes under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, so that your custom styling is not overwritten when we release theme updates!

If you're new to CSS, many small custom color changes can be implemented using our free Code Hacks library. Simply look for your theme, and check out our list of free code snippets! They're all easy to implement and customize.

If you are trying to implement a custom font, we often recommend these plugins and resources: