After theme install, previous post and page content shows only shortcodes

The most common reason customers see only shortcodes on posts and pages after installing an EmPress theme is that their previous theme was running on the Divi page builder platform.

Unfortunately, switching from Divi to another theme (whether one of ours, or from any other vendor) can be tricky, because Divi's platform generates shortcodes for the page layouts, and leaves those shortcodes behind when you switch themes. At time of publication of this Help Desk article, Divi offers plugin you can install that would keep your content intact while allowing you to switch themes, but this is not something EmPress Themes can offer support or assistance on.

If you have access to a staging site through your web host, we recommend activating your staging site (which will create a copy of your site you can test things out on), then install the Divi Builder plugin and switch to a free WordPress theme to see how your content looks. If your content is still intact and displaying properly, it should work fine with one of our themes as well. 

If you're not able to successfully convert your content from Divi's shortcodes to the native/default WordPress output, we a offer a 14-day refund on all products. Review our refunds policy here.