Why do you have an annual auto-renewals program for your products?

Licensing our themes and plugins annually helps us keep your code up to date, and release new product features (usually requests from our customers!).


As anyone who's ever blogged knows, the digital world is constantly changing. At EmPress, we are committed to continuously improving our products! This includes regularly updating them to work harmoniously with updates to the core WordPress platform, as well as incorporate customer feedback to make our products better for you, the end user—especially as the blogging industry evolves.

In short, regular updates help make our products continuously usable and better for you, our wonderful customers!

We also pride ourselves on thorough, prompt, and super friendly email support, along with extra services like our Code Hacks project. We simply cannot grow and maintain these areas of our business with a single-purchase system. Licensing helps support us through the time, effort, and care we put into all our updates and customer service initiatives!

The good news is that unlike some apps, if you choose not to renew a product with us, you can still use it for as long as you like—it won't stop working just because you no longer subscribe! Opting out of a product subscription renewal simply means you won't have access to that products latest updates and features, nor will you have access to our Help Desk support team for ongoing issues related to that product.

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