Create widget shortcodes for Shop the Post

The Shop the Post plugin can display any WordPress shortcode or HTML code.

For shoppable product widgets

A large majority of our customers utilize LTK or ShopStyle affiliate shopping widgets in their Shop the Post box. Examples of an LTK shopping widget can be seen in any of our theme demo sites (Note: the product slider functionality viewable in our theme demos is tied to the affiliate platform you are using and is NOT part of the plugin itself). 

If you are already a member of either platform, widget shortcode or HTML can be built using the following steps:

  • LTK: From your LTK Creator dashboard, navigate to Tools > Shop the Post. Build a widget with your preferred products. Be sure to select WordPress as your platform.
  • ShopStyle: From your dashboard, click on Product Widget, and begin building your widget. ShopStyle features a public Help Desk article about building Product Widgets, found here.
  • Recommended widget sizing can be found here.

If you need further assistance with building a widget on either of these platforms, please contact your account representative for more assistance. Unfortunately, EmPress cannot offer support on building or optimizing widgets.

Other ways to use the Shop the Post field

  • A podcast shortcode: If you are using a plugin to play your latest podcast episode, you can embed the player shortcode into the Shop the Post field so readers can listen directly on your site. Here's an example.
  • Write HTML text: Since Shop the Post accepts HTML text, if you know how to write this coding language, you can display links or other text. Here's an example:

*Note: again, you will need to know how to write and style HTML text and links to do this!

  • Embed your favorite plugin shortcode: Have another idea for Shop the Post? So long as the plugin or service you're utilizing outputs what you want to display as a shortcode or HTML, you can do it!

Can Shop the Post be used with Amazon Associates?

While Shop the Post can technically work with Amazon HTML widgets, please note their widgets do not include a built-in slider feature at this time. We typically find Amazon's affiliate widget solutions don't look as clean or elegant within Shop the Post, as their products weren't intended for a use like this.