Add third-party affiliate widgets using the widget code field

The featured Shop the Post widget that appears in post summaries can either display products from your library, or code from a third-party affiliate program like LTK or Collective Voice. You can even get creative and enter code from any third-party plugin, or HTML code you've written.

Simply enter any code you like in the Widget Code field.

How to add widget code from LTK or Collective Voice

A large majority of our customers utilize LTK or Collective Voice affiliate shopping widgets in their Shop the Post box. 

If you are a member of either platform, you can build a shopping widget for use in the widget embed field using the following steps:

If you need further assistance with building a widget on either of these platforms, please contact your account representative for more assistance. Unfortunately, EmPress cannot offer support on building or optimizing widgets.

Other ways to use the Shop the Post field

  • A podcast shortcode: If you are using a plugin to play your latest podcast episode, you can embed the player shortcode into the Shop the Post field so readers can listen directly on your site. Here's an example.
  • Write HTML text: Since Shop the Post accepts HTML text, if you know how to write this coding language, you can display links or other text. Here's an example:

*Note: again, you will need to know how to write and style HTML text and links to do this!

  • Embed your favorite plugin shortcode: Have another idea for Shop the Post? So long as the plugin or service you're utilizing outputs what you want to display as a shortcode or HTML, you can do it!

Can Shop the Post be used with Amazon Associates?

Yes, Shop the Post works with any affiliate program, including Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates does not include a built-in carousel/slider feature, and they do not appear to have plans to add one.

Instead of using the HTML code from Amazon, you'll want to add Amazon products to the Shop the Post product library. Upload a product thumbnail and add your affiliate link from Amazon. Then, as you create blog posts, you can add a Shop the Post block to create product carousels using the Amazon products you've uploaded to your product library.