ISSUE: Saved colors in Color Options tab not appearing on live site

This Help Desk article will assist you if you are making color changes in the Pearl or Hayes Customizer, they appear to save properly, but do not appear on your live blog/website.

How to troubleshoot:

1. First, check for any caching/performance plugins, and that your server is not aggressively caching your site. If you just made the change but aren't seeing it reflected in your browser right after you saved it, it may be due to cache -- either from your server, your browser, or due to a caching or site optimizing plugin you have installed. Read more in our Help Desk article here:

2. If it's not a cache issue, the other common culprit is that the color settings are not committing to your database when you save them. You can troubleshoot by following these steps:

  • First, change the color of the item/feature that doesn't appear to be updating to any other color, other than the color you previously saved. It can be any color at all — this update  is only temporary.
  • Publish your changes.
  • Refresh the Customizer, then go back in and re-enter the original desired color you wanted. Publish again. This should ensure the color change commits to the database.