Which themes are compatible with the Color Pack plugins?

Currently, these themes are all packaged with Color Packs as a complimentary, add-on plugin. You will receive a .zip file for the plugin as part of your purchase receipt, and can choose to download and install it if you wish!

  • Archer
  • Brevier
  • Miramar
  • Presidio

Our One Color and Two Color Pack plugins were originally built for customers who did not wish to fuss with custom coding, and instead preferred a one-click option to change up colors on their sites. Over time, we have integrated these features into our themes, so recent theme releases do not require this plugin!

Our Hayes, Pearl, and Rania themes all have color integration built directly into the Customizer, and do not require install of a separate plugin to edit color.

Note: Technically, you may change the color settings in any of our themes with your own custom CSS application. Additionally, we offer many free Code Hacks which guide you on how to implement these color changes.