ISSUE: Sidebar is not displaying

Sidebar controls vary from theme to theme. If the sidebar isn’t showing in your theme, check these areas below:

1. If you are editing your widgets in the Customizer, try going to Appearance > Widgets instead to see all available widget areas. The Widgets tab in the Customizer is a default in WordPress, and for some reason it doesn’t always show all available widget areas. We also find that it’s easier to edit Pearl, Hayes, Presidio, and Rania's many widget areas on the Widgets page instead as you can expand them all at once and see the instructions for each, as the 3 sidebar sections show based on how many interstitials are active, if any.

2. For Presidio and Rania users: If you aren’t using interstitials, ensure that you are only placing widgets in the Sidebar Main widget area, as this is the only sidebar that will show on the home page without interstitials active.

3. Go to Settings > Reading and check your “Blog pages show at most” number. In our Presidio and Rania themes, this number must be less than or equal to the total number of posts you have published in order for any sidebars to show. Because of the many display options in Rania, the theme has to run a check on the last post per page in order to display the last (or main) sidebar.

4. Be sure you're using a post feed layout that supports a sidebar. In our Pearl and Hayes theme, look for the Classic or Classic (Large) post feed layouts—these both support sidebars. Keep in mind that some themes, such as Miramar and Archer, do not have sidebar functionality at all.

5. If you are working on a draft in the Customizer, you may need to publish any changes in the Customizer and then refresh the page for the sidebar widget area to display for editing in the Widgets tab.