Add/Remove Sidebar on a Post Page

Many of our themes offer the option to add or remove a sidebar on the single post page (i.e., the layout you see when you click into a blog post).

If your theme has a sidebar feature, the default post layout is to feature the sidebar. You can change the layout to hide the sidebar (referred to as "full-width) by changing the Page Attribute. To do this, access the post you wish to edit, then look for the Page Attributes dropdown on the right side of the post editor. It should have defaulted to Default Template. Simply click this dropdown, and change to Full Width, then save your post. That's it!

Here's a video showing you how to edit this in Classic Editor:

And here's how it looks in the WordPress Block Editor:


Many of our themes also offer the ability to set a global Single Post layout, so that your preferred layout will be the automatic default. In Brevier, Presidio, and Rania, navigate to Appearance > Customize and look for the Single Post tab. You can then check hide sidebar if you wish for the default post layout to feature a full width layout. In Pearl and Hayes, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Post & Page Display Options > Single Post Options. Then, choose the thumbnail layout of your choice to define your default post layout style.