Embedding links within blog posts

As you write blog posts, it’s likely you’ll want to hyperlink pieces of text, so you can reference articles, shoppable items, or other websites, thus providing valuable context for your readers. Here’s how to embed a hyperlink into a WordPress post or page.

1. First, highlight the text you wish to link, then click the link icon in the post editor toolbar. A little box will pop up for you to enter your link.

2. If you’re linking to a blog post within your own site, you can start typing the name of the post, and the box will search for the post. When you select the post, it will automatically add the link for you. Here’s what this looks like:

3. If you want to link to something that’s not on your own site, type in the URL in the field, then hit the gear icon to open up additional options.

4. In the popup window, you will see a checkbox to open the link in a new tab. Watch a video of this entire process below:


It can be labor intensive to constantly set every external link to open in a new tab. If you’d prefer, we recommend installing this plugin, which will automatically target every external link you embed and open it in a new tab or window, without you having to manually create this setting.