ISSUE: LTK widgets only show a spinning wheel, and won't load

LTK/rewardStyle widgets run independently of your WordPress theme—whether you're running an EmPress theme, or a theme from any other vendor. If you see a spinning wheel in a place where you have embedded an LTK widget (indicating your LTK widgets are trying to load), it is not related to your EmPress theme code and is due to one of the following issues:

  • Scripts are not loading properly on your site or in your browser, preventing your widgets from loading
  • A plugin you are running is interfering with how LTK's scripts load
  • A code or systemwide issue on LTK's side, which they will likely resolve soon

Again, your EmPress theme does not control any aspect of LTK's scripts, so if you see the spinning wheel, it is not an issue with your theme. Similarly, if LTK widgets worked previously in your EmPress theme, but suddenly don't, it is due to one of the issues above. Your EmPress theme code will not change until you update it, and even with updates, EmPress themes do not control LTK scripts.

More LTK widget troubleshooting


If your LTK widgets show only the spinning load wheel and are not loading widgets, below are several ways to troubleshoot. However, we cannot offer additional support for LTK widget products, and if you still have issues after trying the tips below, we recommend reaching out to your LTK account rep or LTK support to report your issues.

1. Recommended first: Ensure scripts can load properly on your site
When you see the spinning wheel, it often means something is interfering with how your LTK scripts load, and the widget cannot be displayed. Often, this is due to performance or caching plugins. If you use a site performance plugin like Autoptimize, WP Rocket, SG Optimizer, or similar, these plugins offer an option to combine JS files, which can break LTK script functionality due to loading scripts in the wrong order. If you have a site performance plugin active, please check your plugin settings and disable the option to combine JS files. You will also need to clear the cache for the plugin and any other caching plugins you've installed before your site will update.

2. Rebuild your widget in the LTK Creator platform
Whether you're pasting in a Shop the Post widget, Boutique widget, or LTK widget, try re-creating your widget in the LTK Creator platform and pasting in a fresh shortcode.

3. Give it some time.
Often, spinning wheel issues are due to known bugs or patch fixes on the LTK side, and simply take a little time to resolve. Many times, customers find that waiting just a few hours and reloading their site proves successful, with widgets loading as normal. 

4. Use HTML instead of shortcodes
When all else fails and the LTK plugin, scripts, and or/widgets are not working, try using HTML code in place of WordPress shortcodes for your LTK widgets. Do this by selecting the "Other" platform when outputting your widget code on their site, instead of WordPress.

If you continue to have issues, please reach out to LTK directly for assistance, as they can better advise on any technical issues they're experiencing which may impact how their products load.