ISSUE: My LTK widgets won’t display and are only showing the shortcodes.

The two most common reasons why LTK shortcodes do not display product widgets properly are:

  • You do not have the rewardStyle (LTK) plugin installed.
  • The rewardStyle (LTK) plugin is installed, but deactivated.

Additional Background

If you are an LTK affiliate, you will need the rewardStyle (LTK) widgets plugin installed in order for your LTK widgets to load properly. This is true of any LTK widgets you embed either directly into a post, or within our EmPress Shop the Post or EmPress Boutique plugins.


The LTK plugin provides your theme with code so that it can read their widget shortcodes. For example, when you build an LTK Shop the Post widget and select "WordPress" as your platform, it will output a shortcode (e.g. "[show_shopthepost_widget id="12345"]). Without the rewardStyle plugin, WordPress does not know how to read this code or feed in your specific widgets. 

For some users, when the plugin is updated, it will deactivate. This is unrelated to your EmPress theme, our Shop the Post plugin, or its compatibility with the LTK WordPress shortcode.

How to troubleshoot

  • First, navigate to your Plugins tab and check to ensure you have the rewardStyle widgets plugin installed. If you don't, click here to download their plugin .zip file, and follow their instructions for installation. You can also contact your LTK account representative or LTK support for more assistance.
    • Active LTK users can also access the plugin by building a Shop the Post widget in LTK's Tools section, selecting WordPress as their platform, and following the instructions on the window pop up on where to download the plugin.
  • If you know you have the LTK plugin installed, check that it is activated. Navigate to the Plugins tab of your WordPress dashboard, look for the rewardStyle widgets plugin, and be sure it is set to Activate. If you recently updated your plugins, the LTK plugin sometimes deactivates, which is the culprit! Re-activating the widget should solve the issue completely.
  • If your widget is activated and you are still only seeing shortcodes, please submit a support ticket at, and we can assist you with troubleshooting further.

For more information and frequently asked questions about the EmPress Shop the Post plugin and what it does, check out this Help Desk article.