Add more than one Shop the Post widget within a blog post

Many EmPress Shop the Post plugin customers ask about featuring multiple affiliate widgets within a single blog post. Often, there is confusion on how to do this, since our Shop the Post plugin field "prints" your widget code at the bottom of the blog post, as well as in blog post feeds.

But it's important to remember:

Your Shop the Post widgets from LTK and/or ShopStyle function independently of the EmPress Shop the Post plugin. You can embed as many product affiliate widgets within a blog post as you wish — these do not interact with or impact the EmPress Shop the Post plugin.

  • Want to learn more about what the EmPress Shop the Post plugin does? Click here to read our FAQ.


To embed an affiliate widget within blog post content, simply add the product shortcode or HTML into your post body. The widgets you embed within a blog post run independently of code published in your Shop the Post plugin field at the end of the post editor.

Here's a visual example of how embedding multiple affiliate widget shortcodes within a blog post might look in the WordPress Block Editor:

In this example, the user has embedded two different LTK Shop the Post widgets. Note how the widgets are not connected to the EmPress Shop the Post plugin fields, visible at the very bottom of the post editor.

When published, here's how these two widgets would look within the post:


If you have questions about how to build or embed affiliate widgets into your blog post content, please reach out to an account representative from the affiliate platform you use for more assistance, or search your affiliate program's help desk. Most affiliate programs offer a number of free tutorials online to get you started! Here are a few links which may also help: