Using the EmPress Font Customizer plugin

With the EmPress Font Customizer plugin, you may choose from a selection of pre-styled fonts to apply to your site, all with just a few clicks. The plugin is packaged as a free add-on with our  Archer, Brevier, Miramar, and Presidio themes only. All other themes include Google Font integration directly in the Customizer.

EmPress Font Customizer is not compatible with other WordPress themes, or other EmPress themes not listed above.


1. Once the plugin has been installed and activated, go to Appearance > Customize and look for the EmPress Fonts tab. Click to begin applying fonts.

2. Font applications are divided into various categories: 

  • Logo font → Changes the font of your Site Title. Edit the Site Title in the Site Identity tab.
  • Title font → In general, changes post titles, page titles, and some large titles on interstitials and featured content areas (Miramar, Archer themes).
  • Navigation & Post Meta font → In general, changes the font of your Primary menu, post categories, post publication date, comment author details, and some links/labels in interstitials and featured content areas.
  • Accent font → In general, changes your Site Description, as well as Top menu items, and some widget titles.
  • Body font → Changes the font used in your blog posts and pages, i.e., the font for the words you type in a post or page.

While we've shared these sections/categories to show you where fonts generally apply, we recommend adding fonts for each section and watching where they update within the live preview! Because each theme is so different, fonts will apply to different features, and changes aren’t standard across all themes.