Site Identity Tab

  • This article is relevant for Rania, Presidio, Miramar, Brevier, and Archer users. Need help customizing the Barton, Pearl or Hayes Header? Click here.
  • Looking for help on how to size your logo artwork? Read this Help Desk article. 

In the Rania, Presidio, Miramar, Brevier, and Archer themes, the  Site Identity tab controls the logos used on your blog. It can be accessed by going to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity.


The Site Identity tab allows you to upload a custom logo, change out the title of your site, and edit the logo used in the footer as well. Take a look at this graphic and read below to learn more about what each of these controls will do:

1. Use this space to  upload a custom logo, if you have one. If you don’t have separate logo artwork, that’s ok — you can use the Site Title and Tagline to add in a simple text-based logo. The text-based logos — which you can see in the example above (“Brevier” and “obsessing about design and style”) will render in the fonts you have chosen to pair with your theme. For more information on how to size your custom logo artwork, please visit this Help Desk article.

2. The  Site Title runs off whatever text you type here. You can use all caps if you want, but most themes will naturally make the text capitalized. If your theme does not, simply place the text in all caps to get the look you want.

3. The  Tagline is the short bit of text underneath your blog.

4. You can  Hide Site Title in header to make the text-based logo Site Title disappear. We recommend this if you upload your own custom logo artwork. Similarly, you can Hide Site Tagline in header and make the tagline disappear. However, in some instances, you may wish to make the tagline visible and pair it with custom logo artwork you have uploaded.

5. On some themes, the  Site Title may also appear in the footer. You can check this box if you wish to remove it from the footer.

6. Like the top logo, many themes allow you to upload custom artwork to your page footer. Use the controls here to upload custom logo artwork for your footer. Keep in mind it does not have to be the same as the artwork in your header! This is a great place to use a secondary logo, badge, or monogram created by you or your designer.

7. This is where you can upload your  Site Icon or Favicon (note: these are the same thing in WordPress parlance). As the instructions direct, upload your Site Icon at an optimum size of 512x512px. WordPress Site Icon’s are larger because they serve as a profile photo for you on the platform, in addition to the small icon that appears next to your Site Title in a web browser tab.