Using the EmPress Color Pack plugins

With the EmPress One Color and Two Color Pack plugins, you may choose from a selection of pre-styled colors to apply to your site, all with a single click. The plugin is packaged as a free add-on with our Archer, Brevier, Miramar, and Presidio themes only. 

EmPress Color Pack plugins are not compatible with other WordPress themes, or other EmPress themes not listed above.

How to use Color Pack plugins

1. Install and activate the Color Pack plugin of your choice.

2. Next, go to Appearance > Customize and look for the EmPress Color Schemes tab. You’ll see our color pack thumbnails. Simply click on one of the colors to see a live preview of how it would apply color to your theme.

3. Once you’ve found a color scheme you love, click Save & Publish, and the color will be applied to your blog.


If you have installed and activated both One Color Pack and Two Color Pack, the Two Color options will override the single and become your default. In other words, with both installed and activated, you will be unable to apply One Color options.

If you’d like to enable the One Color Pack settings, head to Plugins and deactivate your Two Color Pack plugin. The code nerd explanation: because our color packs target specific titles, links, and areas of your site, when both plugins are activated, your code isn’t sure which color scheme takes priority, so as a default, it picks the two-color.