ISSUE: Boutique widgets are not centered on mobile

This issue is common for customers using an LTK Boutique widget products on their site, including in the EmPress Boutiques plugin.

The alignment, as well as how many columns Boutiques widgets display on mobile is not controlled by the EmPress Boutiques plugin.

The default code output of the LTK Boutique widget will left-align the products on mobile devices. How many columns appear is also a function of the total width of the browser window, as their widget itself is responsive. Regardless of the total width of the widget (set by you when you build it), it's usually going to reduce down to a single column by default on mobile, because the default LTK code can't "accommodate" two columns within responsive settings.

Ways to Troubleshoot:

Change the overall layout of the widget, with our Code Hack!

We've shared a Code Hack which will remove the default gray frames/borders from the products, force a true grid layout (versus the default "masonry" or pinterest-stacking" style) and also center the widget on mobile. Note that the frame removal and layout change applies to desktop too. However, this code will not change how many total columns appear on mobile.

Contact LTK for more assistance

Since formatting of the Boutiques widget is a function of rLTK's code, try reaching out to your LTK account representative or LTK support for help. They may have some recommendations on sizing, or internal code they can send to format your widget as you wish.