Boutiques: Remove gray frames from LTK product thumbnails, and force each thumbnail to a square size

By default, the LTK Boutique widget includes a light gray frame around all the product images, and the products are stacked in a “masonry” grid—similar to what you might see on Pinterest, where the rows of the grid are not necessarily aligned. For some users, the masonry style grid of LTK's Boutique layout means products may not appear centered on mobile devices.

The code snippet below will remove the standard light gray frames around LTK product thumbnails, as well as force each thumbnail to be an even, square size. This not only will make your Boutique look a bit neater within our Boutiques Plugin, but will also force all the items to be centered and neatly aligned on mobile devices. Here’s a live example of how this code snippet looks in action. And here's a visual of the code being applied:

Finally, here's the code you need to put this Code Hack to work: