Adding more than five Boutiques widgets to a Shop page

Boutiques allows for easy integration of multiple LTK or ShopStyle boutique widgets. With the plugin, you can easily assign tabs/filters for each boutique, and feature up to five different widgets all on the same page. Click here to view an example.

The five filter tabs you see along the top (All Beauty, Skincare, Hair, Fave Perfumes, Makeup) correspond to the maximum five individual boutique widgets that can be uploaded to each Boutiques page.

Need more than five boutiques?

Good news: your Boutiques plugin templates can be applied to an unlimited number of pages. 

For users who wish to add more than five boutiques per page, we recommend creating a new page, and applying your preferred Boutique template to this page. This allows you to create multiple shop pages themed/aligned around your content and shopping recommendations. Be strategic in how you are ordering and categorizing your shops.

Example 1: Holiday Shop/Gift Guides

Suppose you need more than five different boutique widgets during the holidays, to feature various gift recommendations. Creating multiple shop pages can better organize your boutiques, so readers can easily find what they're looking for:

  • Create one page titled "Gifts by Price," and add Boutiques and Tab titles related to cost (e.g. "Gifts Under $100," "Gifts Under $50," "Gifts Under $25," etc.)
  • Create another, separate page titled "Gifts for Her," and add Boutiques and Tab Titles related to gift types (e.g. "Beauty Gifts," "Fashion Gifts," "Hostess Gifts," etc.)

You could create as many pages as needed and apply the Boutiques templates multiple times to achieve various shopping areas better themed around each vertical. We find this is more effective versus listing countless boutique tabs on a single page.

Note that in this case, each page would have its own URL you can link to. For example, Gifts by Price might be, and the Gifts for Her page might be

Example 2: Boutiques based on your content/social platforms

Many of our customers report needing more than five Boutiques because they wish to feature general favorite products, Instagram links, an Amazon shop, and more. In this case, solve by:

  • Creating a page titled "Shop by Instagram," then try using Tab Titles named "Shop by IG Post" and "Shop by IG Story." You could even title one tab "Most Requested." From there, populate each widget field with the appropriate Boutique widget code from your affiliate platform.
  • Create a second Shop page titled "Amazon Shop," then filter multiple boutiques by product type, all from Amazon ("Home," "Fashion," "Tech," etc.)
  • Create a third Shop page titled "Shop My Favorites," and use the filters for more general shop labels, such as Style, Beauty, Home, etc.
  • Again, creating multiple Shop pages in this manner also gives you flexibility to link to each page individually. For example, the Shop by Instagram URL might be, allowing you to easily direct readers to the Shop with the products they're looking for.

Here is an example of the above in action. This EmPress customer applied the Boutiques template to multiple pages on their Hayes theme, to better organize shopping content:

You get the idea—the options are endless! By creating multiple Shop pages, you will better organize your shopping content, which increases the likelihood that users will engage with your affiliate links.

A few more tips:

  • In general, we find that the more specific you can be with a Boutique Tab Title, the more engagement it will get. For example, "Boyfriend Jeans Under $150" is far more specific and useful than simply "Fashion."
  • Meet people where they are: if you're constantly getting requests for where something is from on Instagram, why not create a Boutique specifically focused on those requests? The five Tab Titles give you five opportunities to make it simple for your readers to find what they need.