ISSUE: Link in Profile latest post isn't updating or refreshing

Users who have the latest post feature enabled in the Link in Profile plugin may sometimes notice that the post is not refreshing within the Instagram browser. In other words, you tap the link in profile, and the post that is fed in is not your most recent.

This issue is not related to the plugin code, or any settings within the plugin itself. Unfortunately, this is caused either by Instagram browser caching, and/or how your own website is caching your content (either via a plugin you have installed separately, or caching at the server level). 

You might find that friends or followers tap the link on their own phones, and see a different post altogether—either the latest one (typical if they haven't tapped the link for a while), or a slightly more recent one (usually corresponding to the last time they tapped the link).

How to troubleshoot:

  • If you have any caching plugins active on your site, you can try flushing/purging the site cache.
  • Similarly, if your host server offers server-level caching, you can try flushing the cache via your server to help clear it out. 
  • The Instagram web browser will naturally clear its own cache over time; you can also uninstall, then reinstall the app to fully clear cache, too. Keep in mind that what you see in your Instagram browser may not be the same as what your followers see, simply due to how often they tap the link, and how often their own Instagram browser is clearing cache.

Wondering what cache is? Be sure to check out our blog post that explains more on caching.