Sizing an LTK or Collective Voice (ShopStyle) widget for the Shop the Post plugin

LTK Shop the Post widgets and ShopStyle Product Widgets are responsive to the containers in which they are embedded. This means that  as long as the widget you build is as wide as the container you’re placing it in, it will automatically reduce in width if a user is looking at the widget on a smaller device (like a mobile phone). 

With this in mind, you can size your  Shop the Post plugin widgets to be as large as the blog post layout at hand. For example, if you are blogging on the Hayes theme, your full-width layout posts are 850px in width, so you can size your shopping widgets at this size as well. Regardless of whether you use a full-width post layout, or a post layout featuring the sidebar, the Shop the Post plugin widget would resize. It would also automatically resize for to fit the smaller container that is featured on the Home Page.

Please click here to view our full list of blog post, page, and interstitial widths for all themes: