ISSUE: Newsletter Pop Up will not appear on mobile devices

IMPORTANT: In version 1.0.1 and above, the Newsletter Pop Up plugin includes the ability to display the Pop Up on mobile. If you are running an earlier version of this plugin, you can either update your plugin, or renew your subscription license to gain access to new updates.

Our newsletter pop-up is built to trigger based on a scroll percentage, which may be set by you in the Customizer. By adding this setting, you can dictate at one point on page the user would see your pop (for example, after scrolling 50% of the page). 


If you are running the latest version of the plugin, have set up mobile display settings, and are still not seeing the pop up, the following may help you troubleshoot:

  • Be sure to clear your mobile browser cache. Remember, you may be seeing a cached version of your site on your own phone, especially if you check your site frequently via mobile. Clearing cache will allow you to see the most recent changes.
  • Check for pop up or script blockers. If you are running any apps or mobile browser extensions which prohibit pop ups or inhibit certain scripts, you (or your readers) may not see the pop up.
  • Users aren't scrolling down far enough. If you're getting reports that users aren't seeing the pop up, be sure to ask whether they're scrolling far enough. You can always change the mobile display percentage to a smaller number, so the pop up appears earlier.