ISSUE: Scroll navigation, mobile navigation, and/or featured posts slider aren't loading properly

Our scroll navigation, mobile navigation, search icon and search bar flyout, and (for some themes) featured posts slider use scripts to function properly. Additionally, customers who use third-party affiliate widgets, such as those from ShopStyle Collective or LTK, also rely on scripts. When these features are not working or loading, the cause may be other scripts running on your site. 

If you use a site performance plugin like Autoptimize, WP Rocket, or SG Optimizer (for SiteGround hosting), these plugins offer an option to combine JS files, which can break functionality due to loading scripts in the wrong order. If you have a site performance plugin active, please check your settings and disable the option to combine JS files. You will also likely need to clear the cache for the plugin and any other caching plugins you've installed before your site will update.