Creating a portfolio page of links

Many bloggers wish to build a Portfolio page on their site, whether to feature past Press mentions, a list of links to features they’ve contributed to (or been featured in!), favorite blogs they read, or even showcase other work, such as photography, art, etc.


Use it for: press mentions, shoutouts to other blogs, a recipe index, or list of favorite posts

1. Hover over the Pages menu in the WordPress dashboard, then select Add New.

2.  A new page template will load.  Assign a name to your page (e.g. “Press”).

3. In the Page Editor beneath the title, type the name for each link, and highlight the text and link as normal. This is the same as adding a link to text in a blog post.

Use headings to create sections between links, if you’d like.

The headings dropdown is in the top left of your Post/Page editor menu, and is the dropdown that defaults to the word Paragraph. All <em>press themes have font headings built in, to provide you with plenty of headings options for your posts and pages! We recommend experimenting with the different headings 1-6 to achieve the look you’re going for based on the content at hand.

Use headings to organize content and help break up long lists of links. For example, a Press page might have the headings “Print,” “Digital,” “Blogs,” and “Contributor Features.”

Here is a short video showing you what Step 3 looks like in action:

4. Hit Publish. That’s it! Your new link-based Portfolio page is published. Don’t forget to add the page to your preferred menu on your site, so that readers can access it.