ISSUE: The Shop the Post fields aren't displaying in the post editor.

If you can't see the Shop the Post fields within your post editing environment, please try troubleshooting the following:

1. Ensure you're looking in the right place. When properly installed and activated, Shop the Post fields should appear near the very bottom of your post editor. The post editor is the screen that loads when you create or load a draft for a new post—NOT a page. ( Read about the differences here.) Be sure to scroll all the way down and look for the fields. Refer to the videos up above to see where the fields are located.

2. Ensure you're loading the WordPress post editor. If you typically write blog posts in a page builder, such as Elementor or Beaver Builder, you will not see the fields in the post editing environment for these programs. Instead, navigate to Posts from your WordPress dashboard, hover over the post you wish to edit, and click Edit. The fields will load as part of the native WordPress blog post editor.

3. Check your plugins. On rare occasions, we've found customers running outdated plugins that impact the WordPress post editor may conflict or cause issues with the Shop the Post plugin. If you've troubleshooted the above and the fields are still not loading in your post editor, you may wish to conduct a plugin audit and deactivate (and even delete) any plugins you know for sure you're not using.