Add and edit products in the product library

To use the Shop the Post block, or to select products for the featured Shop the Post section (edited in the footer of the post editor, displayed on the home and archive pages and in the post footer), f irst you will need to add the product to your product library. You only need to add the product once, and you can use it in as many Shop the Post blocks and features as you like.

Once you add a product to the product library, you can edit it at any time, and any Shop the Post block or feature you've added the product to will automatically update. You can use the editing feature to swap out affiliate links to a retailer/program with a better commission rate, or add an affiliate link to a product where one wasn't previously available. You can even swap out the image, name, and link if the product is no longer available and you find something similar.

How to add products to the product library

1. Click on the Shop the Post tab in the main menu of the WordPress dashboard.

2. To organize your products into product categories, enter the category in the Categories box and click "Add category." This is an optional step and allows you to browse your product library by category for easy updates.

3. To add new products, first you'll need to add your product thumbnail. Click "Upload image" to get started.

4. Upload your product thumbnail to the media library.

5. Click on "Use this image."

6. Next, enter the product name in the Name field. Be specific so it's easy to search for in the blog post editor.

7. Select a category from the Category dropdown menu, if desired.

8. Enter your product link in the URL field.

9. Click on "Add product." Congrats — you've added a new product to your product library! This product will now be available to add to Shop the Post blocks and to select in the featured Shop the Post field in the footer of the block post editor.

How to edit products to the product library

1. To edit products, click on the Edit link to the right of the product.

2. Update the product information as needed.

3. Click on Save Product.