Link in Profile: Change featured post image size

Our Link in Profile plugin includes an option to feature a blog post at the top of the page template. It looks similar to this:

By default, the featured post's image automatically crops to a portrait image, with dimensions of 750x850px  on Retina. However, you may wish to change this depending on your photography and typical featured image. Here’s how!

  1. Install the Simple Image Sizes plugin.
  2. Go to Settings > Media, and you’ll see a list of all of the special sizes registered by the theme and plugins. 
  3. Change the settings for the em-ig-explore size to your preferred dimensions, and save.
  4. Next, you’ll need to regenerate the thumbnail sizes for the featured image in your featured post. Make sure you have installed the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, if you haven’t already. You were prompted to install this plugin upon activating your theme, so you may already have installed it.
  5. If you have selected a specific post to appear in your Link in Profile: Go to the post editor for your featured post. In the Featured Image box to the right, you should see a link to Regenerate image sizes. Click and it will force your featured image to update to the new size.

Of note: If your featured post is set to always show the latest post, WordPress will automatically resize the thumbnail to the new size you’ve selected for any images you upload moving forward. If you choose a specific post to highlight and want to switch it out for another post from your archives, you may need to repeat steps 3 and 4 for that post to resize that featured image.