Archer Demo 1

Use the guide below to mirror Archer Demo 1. Remember, your theme may look a little different, depending on the colors and fonts you select, how many posts you've published, and the images you've uploaded to your media library, posts, and pages.

Each large heading section below corresponds to one of the main tabs in the Customizer. To access the Customizer, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize. Look for the Header Options tab, which is the first section in our guide below. Continue on to note the sub-tabs and various sections within each parent tab. If you work your way down the Customizer tabs and follow the guide below, you should cover the bases!

Need a little help visualizing? For a visual of how our Help Desk Demo Guide headings correspond with tabs in the customizer, please review this article.

Happy customizing!


  • Site Title: [enter your site name in the field—we used "Archer"]
  • Tagline: [enter your tagline in the field, if using. In the demo, our tagline is "Clean, airy, the modernist"
  • Hide Site Title in header: UNCHECK
  • Hide Site Tagline in header: UNCHECK
  • Hide Site Title in footer: UNCHECK


Menus will be variable based on your specific website and content needs. Below, we've outlined how we structured our menus in the demo, to give you an idea of how you could set yours up similarly. Keep in mind that while you can name a menu anything you wish, you must also assign menus to a menu location. The table below shows you what menus we assigned to which location. The link list in the second column will help guide you in terms of which menu in the demo corresponds to which location.

Menu Location: Link List in theme:
Primary (menu above your logo) Style, Beauty, Grid Plugin Demo, Boutiques Plugins (Layout 1, 2, 3), Affiliate widget on page, Instagram, Buy Theme
Top (menu in top left of header) About, Subscribe, Pop Up Plugin, Buy theme
Footer Home, About, Contact, Subscribe, Style, Beauty, Decor, Lifestyle, Shop, Terms, Privacy, Buy this theme


Scroll Menu Title
  • We used "Browse"
Social Media Links
  • Enter your desired social media links in the order you wish for them to appear
  • Hide search in top menu: UNCHECK


Featured Image and Excerpt
  • Hide featured image: UNCHECK
  • Select the type of content to display in the feed: Automatic excerpt
  • Read more text: "Read More"
  • Automatic excerpt length: 55
Entry Meta
  • Select your icon or check the box to hide it below: In the demo, we chose the first 10-pointed star icon
  • Hide icon: UNCHECK
  • Hide post category: UNCHECK
  • Hide post date: UNCHECK
  • Hide post comment link: UNCHECK
Page Navigation
  • Older posts text: Older posts
  • Newer posts text: Newer posts


Below are a list of the widgets used in the Brevier demo:


  • Archer:



Featured Image
  • Hide featured image: UNCHECK
  • Hide post category: UNCHECK
Entry Meta
  • Hide icon: UNCHECK
  • Hide post category: UNCHECK
  • Hide post date: UNCHECK
  • Hide post footer: UNCHECK
  • Comment form title: Leave a comment
  • Comment form submit text: Submit
  • Comments title: Comments
  • Hide comment count: UNCHECK
  • Hide comments title: UNCHECK
  • Older post text: Older Post
  • Newer post text: Newer post
  • Hide related posts: UNCHECK
  • Hide featured image for related posts: UNCHECK
  • Related posts title: [enter your title - we used "More posts you'll love"]
  • Show posts published within the last number of months: 24


Your homepage displays: Your latest posts