STEP 3: Install the WordPress platform on your server


Most web hosts offer 1-click installation for WordPress. There’s no catch — it really is that simple. Look for WordPress in your hosting control panel to start the process. It may also be available under a section called Simple Scripts or 1-Click Installs, depending on your host. If you can’t find it, we recommend contacting your host’s customer service and asking for instructions on where to access WordPress installation.

However, before you click away, there are a couple of options to be aware of:

Advanced options
Most 1-click installs only show basic options by default and generate login information for you. While you can add more users to WordPress later, you can’t change the original username.

To choose your own username and password, look for a link to show advanced options. Many 1-click installs will use the email address associated with your hosting account as your username, and that’s fine, if you choose to use that — but watch out for the username “admin.” Since many hosts use “admin” as the default, that’s the first thing hackers will try. So if you’re using the “admin” username, that’s one less thing hackers have to guess to get into your site, and you don’t want that!

Additional plugins
Many hosts partner with premium (paid) plugin creators to install demos on new WordPress installs. These plugins sound good in theory but often require monthly subscription fees, and you probably won’t need or use them. They are usually check marked for install by default, so uncheck them before moving forward. They just take up space, and it’s best not to have any plugins installed on your site that aren’t in use.


Does your host not offer 1-click WordPress installations? Boo. Please reach out to your hosting provider directly for platform-specific instructions on how to install WordPress.