ISSUE: Cannot input license key for Font Customizer

For customers using the free version of Font Customizer included with your Presidio, Rania, Brevier, Miramar or Archer theme purchase, you do not need to input a license key. You may ignore all prompts asking you for a license key for the Font Customizer plugin.


In 2020, we began packaging our Font Customizer plugin as a free add-on with the Presidio, Rania, Brevier, Miramar, and Archer themes. Previously, this plugin was a paid add-on purchase, which meant we also sent a license key for Font Customizer.

Since Font Customizer is now complimentary (and we no longer release new updates for it), it no longer requires an associated license key. Some themes may still prompt you to input this key, but you may ignore this prompt. We will release updates to remove these prompts soon.