Creating menus in WordPress

Menus refer to the list of links that typically appear at the top of your blog, or in the footer. However, menus can be placed nearly anywhere within a WordPress site, so long as the theme has added styling for those menus in the areas you wish to add them.

All WordPress themes rely on a menu of some sort, because they allow users to easily navigate to various categories and info pages on your site. 

  • Menus can confuse new WordPress users, because in addition to creating a menu (i.e., deciding what links should be in the menu), you must also assign that menu to a Menu Location
  • In WordPress, a Page is not the same as a Category. We find it's common for new WordPress users to refer to the word "Page" when they actually mean a "category" or "archive." If you want to add a link to a menu that will return all posts from a particular vertical—say, fashion, or beauty—you must create categories and add those to your menu. Adding a page will simply link to a static information page. As a live example, check out this link to a category, and this link to a page. Note how one returns a feed of posts, and the second returns a static page with information less likely to change. For help on creating categories, click here. For help more info on posts vs. pages, click here.

For instructions on how to set up menus for your EmPress theme, please head to our theme support area, by clicking here.