Pearl: Display Shop the Post widget statically in Classic Feed Layout

When the Classic Feed layout is enabled in the Pearl theme, and paired with our Shop the Post plugin, the corresponding shopping widget will appear over the entry summary content on hover. The default animation looks like this:

Some customers may wish to statically feature the Shop the Post widget, so that users do not have to hover over the call to action in order to view the products. Below are two Code Hacks that allow you to edit this feature so your widget may be statically displayed.

Here is a visual of the Code Hack in action:

Additionally, some customers may wish to hide the "Shop" call to action, since the button is no longer functional and does not trigger any animation. Here is what this part of the Code Hack looks like, in action:

Both pieces of code are included in the snippet below. If you do not wish to hide the Shop call to action button, simply omit the second part of the code, where indicated.