Footer Options Tab (Pearl)

  • This article is relevant for Pearl theme users. 

The  Pearl theme allows you to enable up to three columns within your site footer. Depending on how many columns are enabled, an equal number of corresponding widget areas will appear within the Widgets tab.

To customize how many columns worth of content should appear in the footer, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Footer Options. Then, navigate to the Footer Layout tab.



Choose one, two, or three columns. Keep in mind you may add more than one widget to each column.


Opt whether you'd like to enable stacking of widgets in your footer. Doing so will stack all widgets within a single column on top of each other.

For example:

In this demo of our Pearl theme, a two-column layout has been enabled, with Stack Widgets in Footer set to OFF:

This allowed the user to add three different menu widgets to the Footer Left column.

If the user had turned Stack Widgets in Footer to ON with the same widgets in each area, the result would look like this instead:

Notice how because all three menu widgets on the left side stack, the result doesn't look as good with this particular set of widgets. Stacking widgets can work well when using different types of widgets within a single column. Here's an example where it's more successful:

In this example, the user enabled a two-column footer layout, and in the Footer Right widget area, added a Pearl: About widget and a Pearl: Subscription widget. Since stacking is turned ON, the result looks great and very cohesive!


To add and customize widgets in Pearl's footer, once you have selected your footer layout navigate to Appearance > Customize > Widgets. You will see the appropriate number of widget areas related to the footer, labeled:

  • Footer Left
  • Footer Center
  • Footer Right

When a two-column footer layout is enabled, only Footer Left and Footer Right widget areas will appear.

When a one-column footer layout is enabled, only Footer Center will appear.

NOTE: If you navigate to the Widgets tab and do not see the correct Footer tabs for customization, try publishing your layout changes in the Customizer, then refreshing the page. Don't forget that publishing the Customizer will take live any and all changes you have made!


In the copyright tab, you may enable a copyright label and the current year at the bottom of your site. We always recommend websites display a copyright, along with the current year. For more information about copyright and intellectual property laws, please consult with an IP or small business attorney.