Footer Options Tab (Hayes)

  • This article is relevant for Hayes theme users. 

The Hayes theme allows you to optionally display your site title/logo, social media, and/or up to two custom menus in the site footer. You can enable these settings and customize them by going to Appearance > Customize > Footer Options.

When enabled, your social media menu can replace one of the custom menus in the footer, on either the right or left side.

Here is a visual example of the Hayes theme footer:

And here are a list of tabs and settings which can be found within the Footer Options tab:



Use this section to setup your logo instance in the footer.

  • If using a custom logo, first turn the Display Logo setting to ON.
  • Click on the Select Image button to upload your logo below. Then, use the Logo Width slider to change the scale of your logo. The recommended logo image height is no larger than 160px for Retina displays.

If you don't have a logo file to display in the footer, that's ok. Toggle the Display Site Title and/or the Display Site Tagline settings to ON, and your site title and tagline will appear. You can set your site title and tagline in the Header Options tab.


Opt whether you would like to display your social media links in the footer, then choose location: either the right or left side of the logo.


Alternatively, you may disable Social Media and enable up to two menus in the footer. Opt whether you would like to enable left menu or enable right menu. With these settings enabled, you may navigate to Appearance > Customize > Menus, and assign the menu of your choice to these menu locations.


In the copyright tab, you may enable a copyright label and the current year at the bottom of your site. We always recommend websites display a copyright, along with the current year. For more information about copyright and intellectual property laws, please consult with an IP or small business attorney.