Pearl: Move scroll navigation menu items to right side of menu

By default, the menu assigned to your Scroll Navigation menu is aligned to the left side of the menu bar background. If you would like to move it to the right, use the Code Hack below!

Tips when using this Code Hack

  • Keep in mind that if you have enabled your Top Right menu for feature in the Scroll Nav (under Appearance > Customize > Header Options > Scroll Navigation > Display Top Right Menu), this Code Hack will overwrite that, and your selected menu will appear in place of the Top Right menu. 
  • This Code Hack will work in conjunction with the Top Left menu enabled in the Scroll Nav (i.e., Appearance > Customize > Header Options > Scroll Navigation > Display Left Menu). 
  • You can turn off display of both right and left menu under the Scroll Navigation tab, and this Code Hack will still work. 

If you cannot see menu items in the scroll navigation, be sure to assign a menu location under Appearance > Customize > Menus > View All Menu Locations.

Here is what this Code Hack looks like in action:

And here's the code you need to implement it!