Using the Feature Tab

In our Barton, Hayes and Pearl themes, users can add a Feature Tab to the Top Right navigation, or Primary navigation menus. The Feature Tab provides the ability to highlight a single link alongside an icon, with an optional contrasting background. It's great for drawing attention to a social media platform, page, or even specific post that you don't want readers to miss. 

Here's what it looks like in action:


To turn on your Feature Tab, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header Options > Feature Tab. Toggle the Display Feature Tab setting into the on position.



To edit the contents and link of your Feature Tab: 

1. Navigate to  Appearance > Customize > Header Options > Feature Tab

2. In the Link Text field, type in the text/label you wish for the tab to display. In the Link URL field, paste the URL you wish the tab to link to. You can toggle the Open link in new tab setting into the On position if you wish for the link to open in a new browser tab or window.

3. Some URLs will automatically display a matching icon. Toggle the Display Icon setting to On if you wish for these icons to appear.

  • About Available Icons: For embedded URLs that have the appropriate extensions or domain names, an icon may automatically appear. Click the View Available Icons info area to view what platforms/domain names are supported for icon display. Additionally, appending /subscribe, /contact, or /shop to any URL will program. For example, would trigger an envelope icon to appear next to the tab text. 
  • You can also choose to add the custom icon of your choice. Use the prompts to open Font Awesome's free font library and select your icon.

To edit the Feature Tab's color:

1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Color Options > Header Colors. Look for the Feature Tab Colors area, and select your preferred colors. 


The feature tab can appear either in the Top Right navigation menu, or after the Primary Menu (whether that menu is stacked underneath the logo, or displayed inline with the logo). To edit the location of the Feature Tab:

1. Navigate to  Appearance > Customize > Header Options > Feature Tab

2. Under Choose Location, select which area you'd like the Feature Tab to appear.


In the Barton and Hayes themes, the Feature Tab offers an optional sub-menu. You can view an example of this by clicking here, and hovering over the Feature Tab. 

1. To enable the Feature Tab Sub-menu, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header Options > Feature Tab. 

2. Near the bottom of the options window, toggle the Enable Submenu setting to On. Hit Publish within the Customizer to commit this change, and reload your browser window (this will ensure the change commits, and the new Menu Location appears in the Menus tab).

3. Next, you'll need to create a menu and assign it to this area. Navigate to  Appearance > Customize > Menus. If you have a menu already created that you'd like to assign to the Feature Tab Sub-menu, simply click on that menu, scroll down, and under Menu Locations, check off Feature Tab Submenu.

4. If you don't already have a menu created for the Feature Tab Sub-menu, click Create New Menu. We recommend naming the menu "Feature Tab Sub-menu" so you'll be able to easily identify it in the future. Assign the new menu to the Menu Location Feature Tab Submenu. Click Next, then begin adding items to your menu, by clicking Add Items. Once you're satisfied with the menu, you can hit Publish to save your changes.


  • Shop page
  • LTK ( page
  • Portfolio or Press
  • External social media platform: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter
  • Private Facebook group you want readers to join
  • Email subscription signup (use a call to action like "Subscribe")
  • External link to another business you own — e-comm site, services site, etc.
  • A popular category readers frequently ask about ("Outfits")
  • Evergreen content you want readers to find easily ("City X Travel Guide")
  • A contact link to email you
  • Free downloadable content (for example, you could upload a PDF to your WordPress library, then link the media URL to your Feature Tab)
  • A temporarily popular post or page (for big announcements, etc.)