How do I create a “no rates” version of my media kit?

Many bloggers wish to have a version of their media kit with rates listed, and one without (for all those times you simply want to share stats and feel out the brand on the other side!). In all of our kits, you can hide the Partnerships layer group and turn on a separate group to replace this content, creating a “no rates” version of your kit with just a few clicks.

Here’s a short video showing you how to do this in the “Kit B” version of our media kit. In Kit B, the content which replaces the Partnerships group includes space for two images, and a large piece of text:

In the “Kit A” version of our kit, the Partnerships block is replaced with a photograph. In the “Kit C” version of our kit, it’s replaced with a series of thumbnail images, similar to what you see at the top of page 1. However, turning the Partnerships group off (and the optional, “no rates” block on) works the same in all versions!