Creating a shop page without the Boutiques plugin, or affiliate widgets

We often receive questions on how to create a Shop page featuring product thumbnails if you are not a member of rewardStyle or ShopStyle. Many of these customers do use Amazon Associates as their primary affiliate network; regardless of which other network you use, this article may provide some ideas of how to create a dedicated shop page.


1. If you're using the block editor system that was released in WordPress 5.0+, you can create a new page and add columns, then add image blocks in each column. When you click on the image block there are link settings to the right to link to a custom URL and open the link in a new tab. This is an easy way to create a simple shopping page featuring the products of your choice.

2. If you're not using the new block editor, or you want a bit more control over the layout, install the Beaver Builder Lite plugin. This is a page builder plugin that will allow you to build the page visually. You'll start with a row that has the number of columns you want, then add in photo modules to upload your photos, and each photo module has the option to link to a custom URL. You can also control the spacing between photos/columns and have the photos auto-crop to squares.