Displaying the Grid filter (category) menu

This article references categories. Use the links below to learn more about categories, and how to set up and manage them.

The menu feature at the top of Grid naturally  feeds in sub-categories of the parent categories you check off. For example, if you had a parent Beauty category, with sub-categories such as Hair, Makeup, and Skincare, those three sub-categories would appear at the top of the Grid layout when a reader clicked on your Beauty category. 

In the example below, the blogger has a parent Beauty category, with Makeup Tutorials, Skincare, and Hair Tutorials as her Beauty sub-categories. The sub-categories then properly display atop the Grid layout.

For any parent category using the Grid layout,  we recommend creating sub-categories for that category, if you want the tab menu to appear. This helps your users drill down into your past posts to find content that is especially relevant to them.