Naming image files uploaded to your site

Generally speaking, we recommend changing the default file name on any image you want to upload, and instead, using keywords that not only describe the content of the image, but also match up with keywords you’re using in your post. This will greatly enhance your SEO on particular posts and pages.

Here’s an example.

Suppose that straight of the camera, you were working with an image was named IMG_0895. You’ve edited the image to your liking, and are ready to upload it to your blog. Here is the image:

The post I’m using this image for is all about easy, simple decor ideas for an autumn wedding, specifically focused on those are DIYing elements of their wedding. Here’s the post title:

Instead of leaving the image with the generic name of IMG_0895, I’m much better off naming it something that not only reflects the content of the image (i.e., what is this a picture of?) but also aligns with the content of my post. Bonus points for mirroring the file name to the post title, or other strings of text within your post.

I’ve named the image “DIY simple rustic autumn wedding decor ideas.jpg.” Now, Google will crawl this name and know exactly what my image is featuring. Individuals searching for content related to simple, rustic, autumnal, and affordable wedding decor ideas are a lot more likely to stumble upon my image — and my post — now that Google knows what each is about.

Bottom line: Google doesn’t know what IMG_0895 is about. Naming your photo something descriptive gives Google a lot more information, and in turn, can refer people to you based on their search.