Updating comment control settings

Our theme Customizer offers a number of ways to control Comment settings, and even more live in your WordPress dashboard under Settings > Discussion.


In the theme Customizer, you can edit the particular labels associated with the comment section on your post pages. This includes editing the comment form title (i.e., “Leave a Comment” could be edited to read “What do you think?” or “Leave a note”), the comment form submit text (i.e., the button that submits a comment; good, clear options here are “submit,” “publish,” or send), and comments title (i.e., the title above the published comments, often with a number next to it, like “5 comments.” Consider changing this to a word such as “notes” or “thoughts”).

The Customizer also allows you to hide both the number of comments (the “count”) as well as the comments title.


If you’d rather keep an eye on all comments before they’re public on your site, you can choose to moderate comments. This means you would approve each comment before it gets published to the site. You can turn this setting on by going to Settings > Discussion.Then, look for the section that says Before a comment appears and check the box that says Comments must be manually approved. This will hold all comments for approval by you, in the Comments section of the dashboard (just like under the Pending tab).


If your comment section is rather, well, lively, you can also develop a comment policy. This would make it clear to readers what types of comments you accept, versus what are automatically deleted.

Additional comment settings can be found by navigating to Settings > Discussion within your WordPress dashboard.