How to Use Code Hacks


We'll often receive customer requests seeking assistance for small tweaks to EmPress themes and plugins. In many instances, these changes are so simple for us to code, we're happy to offer them as a bonus freebie to our customers! This section of our Help Desk is a repository for all of them.

For all of these "Code Hacks," simply navigate to Appearance > Customize from your WordPress dashboard. Then, click on the Additional CSS tab, and paste in the relevant code. In some cases, you'll need to plug in your desired hex color code, or a numerical pixel value, where prompted.


For the most part, we try to denote which Hack is for which product by placing the product name at the beginning of the article title (e.g. "THEME: Hack Name"). You can also navigate to your specific theme/plugin using the tabs on the left to see all Hacks which will work with your purchases.

That's it! We hope our code snippets give you even more ways to customize your EmPress products. Have fun!